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If due to the lack of mobility, the resident of Delhi city are not able to visit the government offices to file complaint against any prejudice that is happening to them in city they can now invite their own Chief Minister into their houses with the help of Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar website which has been launched by the AAP government party i.e welcomekejriwal.in. Today under this article, we will share with everyone the important aspect of the Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar website and also the scheme. In this article, we will share important news of the website and portal.

Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar Website

Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar Website

The Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar scheme is launched by the Chief Minister of Delhi so that each and every resident of the Delhi City can complain about injustice directly to the Chief Minister of the region. Through the implementation of the scheme, many benefits will be provided to all of the residents of Delhi city. First, through the inauguration of the website, every citizen will have to just visit the official website that is completely free and easily accessible.

Delhi Widow Pension Scheme

Details Of The Scheme

Name Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar
Launched by AAP Party
Beneficiaries Residents of Delhi
Objective Doorstep delivery of schemes
Official website https://welcomekejriwal.in

Benefits Of welcomekejriwal.in Portal

As we all know, that the Chief Minister of Delhi has come out with the report card of the previous 5 years that Arvind Kejriwal has continued as the Chief Minister of Delhi, so he wants to connect with all of the audience of the region on a personal level. As we all know that, it is impossible to visit the 50 lakh families residing in Delhi region so the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has come up with a website through which he can directly communicate with the residents of Delhi so that he can solve their problems and provide them with the correct and truthful knowledge of his service towards the nation.

CEO Delhi Voter List

List Of Services

There are many services available for the residents of the Delhi city on the website of Arvind Kejriwal ie welcomekejriwal.in. The list of services are mentioned below:-

  • Education
  • Health
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Infrastructure
  • Women’s security
  • Unauthorized colonies

Toll-Free Number

Along with the website of Mr Arvind Kejriwal, a toll-free number is also provided by the party. The toll-free number is given for the convenience of the residents of Delhi:-

  • 76909-44444

Application Process

  • To apply for the Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar scheme, you need to visit the official website of the Kejriwal Aapke Dwaar scheme given here welcomekejriwal.in

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