Universal Basic Income Scheme- PM UBI Scheme Features, Benefits & Implementation

Universal Basic Income Scheme is planning by the central government to implement in whole over the country in upcoming financial year. According the online and offline sources government will provide the financial assistance up to the 10 crore peoples under the scheme. PM UBI Scheme will cover the poor citizens according to the economic survey 2011 of India. The Universal Basic Income Scheme will also cover the zero income peoples such as unemployed persons who don’t have any source of income. The financial assistance will be served through Direct Transfer Mode (DBT).

PM UBI Scheme

There are expectations that Central government will implement the Universal Basic Income Scheme before the Lok  Sabha Election 2019. Under PM UBI Scheme a financial assistance of Rs 2500/- to Rs 3000/- per month (expected) will be given to approximate 10 Crore eligible citizens of the country. The UBI Scheme has trial in 8 villages of Madhya Pradesh state.  Under the trial the Scheme had regulated for 5 years time duration and 6000 citizens were covered by the Universal Basic Income Scheme. At the time of trial the Amount of Rs 500 in adult person’s bank account and Rs 150 in children’s banks account had transferred under the UBI Scheme.

Universal Basic Income Scheme- PM UBI Scheme Features, Benefits & Implementation
UBI Scheme

Brief Summary of UBI Scheme

Scheme Name Universal Basic Income Scheme
Launched date Financial year 2020 (expected)
Launched by Central govt. of India
Objective To provide financial assistance
Beneficiary 10 crore citizen (approximate)
Category Central govt. scheme

Universal Basic Income Scheme Features

  • The financial assistance will be given to citizens of India.
  • Financial assistance under the scheme will among Rs 2500 to 3000 per month (only expected)
  • Total 10 Crore citizens of the country will get the benefits of the scheme.
  • The fund will transfer on the basis of Direct Bank transfer mode.

Benefits of Universal Basic Income Scheme

  • It will provide the better survivals to the poor families.
  • Scheme will reduce the poverty of the country.
  • Unemployed persons will get the Unemployment allowance.
  • It will serve the self dependence to peoples.

Eligibility for UBI Scheme

  • The beneficiary will be selected according to the economic survey of 2011.
  • Bank Account linked with aadhar card
  • Aadhar card
  • Address Proof

Implementation of PM UBI Scheme

The government is planning to make official announcement of PM UBI Scheme in financial budget of 2020. At this time there is no additional information has shared by the government about the Implantation of PM UBI Scheme. We will provide you all the information as soon as it will available.

How to Apply Under UBI Schemes

There will no need for apply under Universal Basic Income Scheme. The Government will select the beneficiary as per the data to economic survey of 2011.If the government makes any changes in the time of implementation of the scheme then we will provide you all the information related to application process under the UBI Schemes. At this time there is no additional information is available.

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