Aero India 2020- Drone Olympics Event Aero India Login, Registration & Prize Money

Aero India 2020 is inviting online application cum registration form of aspirants who wants to participate under the Drone Olympics Event at Aero India. The event provides the opportunities to the national & International participants to win a cash prize & medals under the Aero India 2019. Under the Drone Olympics Event you have to show case your talent in the form of Unidentified Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The objective of organizing Drone Olympics Event Aero India is to find out the latest and new ideas in the UAV market. Today in this modern world UAV plays an important role in field of surveillance, photography, site inspections, monitoring crops, collecting geographic data & delivery services.

Drone Olympics Event 2020

Drone Olympic Event are giving the chance to entrepreneurs, startups & individual or any other to become famous and rich as well as giving the chance to play an important role in the progress of India. Under the Aero India 2019 you have to present a UAV as per the guidelines of Government of India. Under the Drone Olympics Event 2020 a number of Drone competitions shall be held. The winner candidate will be honored with medals and Cash Prize. Check your eligibility and guidelines for UAV.

Aero India 2020 Drone Olympics Event Aero India Login, Registration & Prize Money
Aero India 2020

Brief Summary of Aero India 2020

Event Name Aero India 2020
Launched by Government of India
Launched date 28th December 2018
Ministry Ministry Of Civil Aviation
Start date to apply Available now
Last date to apply 26th January 2019
Objective To find out better technology in UAV
Category Central govt. Scheme
Official website

Features Of Aero India 2020

  • Under the Event all national and international candidates may apply.
  • Drone Olympics Event 2020 is an international level event because under the event national and international aspirants may apply easily.
  • A big amount in form of cash would be given to winner candidates.
  • The Aero India will be conducted at Air Force Station Yelahanka, Bengaluru,Karnataka – 560063 India.
  • The event will be done on 21st February 2019.

Cash Prize under Aero India 2019

Competition 1st Prize (INR) 2nd Prize (INR) 3nd Prize (INR)
Surveillance : Fixed VTOL (Multirotor), <4 Kg 3,00,000.00 1,50,000.00 50,000.00
Surveillance : Fixed VTOL (Multirotor), 4-7 Kg 3,00,000.00 1,50,000.00 50,000.00
Surveillance : Hybrid Designs, <4 Kg 3,00,000.00 1,50,000.00 50,000.00
Surveillance : Hybrid Designs, 4-7 Kg 3,00,000.00 1,50,000.00 50,000.00
Supply Drop Challenge 5,00,000.00 3,00,000.00 100,000.00
Flying Formation Challenge 5,00,000.00 3,00,000.00 100,000.00

Benefits Of Aero India 2020

  • It is a golden opportunity for startup entrepreneurs.
  • This event will serve the latest technology in the field of UAV.
  • Selected Unidentified Aerial Vehicle (UAV) will play key role in military, navy & air force departments

Eligibility for Aero India 2020

  • Every citizens of national and international level may apply under the Aero India 2020
  • Entrepreneurs and individuals are eligible.
  • Any of worldwide And Indian  Startups.

Selection Process in Aero India 2020

1. Surveillance Competition

To determine the surveillance capability of the participant’s products and Due to the differences in capability for various configurations of UAVs, the competition is split into two broad categories

  • Fixed VTOL (Multirotor)
  • Hybrid Designs

The weight classes that shall be considered for the competition are

  • 4 Kilograms
  • 4-7 Kilograms
Evaluation Criteria

Candidates shall be evaluated on the following (in order of priority) three parameters, with scores given based on weighted averages of each category:

  • Flight Time (40% Weightage)
  • Live Transmission Range in Full HD/1080p resolution in “Free band” S & C (40% Weightage)
  • Detection of Human sized targets (20% Weightage)

In the case of a tie, the winner shall be determined based on the Flight time first, then the Live transmission range, and then the detection of the human sized targets.

The competitions are defined below:

Electric Pure VTOL (Multirotor)
  • Competition 1: < 4 Kilograms
  • Competition 2: 4 – 7 Kilograms
Electric Hybrid Designs
  • Competition 5: < 4 Kilograms
  • Competition 6: 4 – 7 Kilograms

2. Weight Drop Challenge

To assess the weight dropping capability of UAVs-

Evaluation Criteria

Participants shall be judged based on the MTOW weight of the UAV that is required to complete a round trip deliver a 2 Kilogram weight to a designated target 2 Kilometers away. The winner shall be determined by the lightest machine that drops the weight successfully.

3. UAV Formation Flying Challenge

Two categories of UAVs are allowed to participate in this challenge

  • Fixed VTOL (Multirotor)
  • Hybrid UAV

The applicants, with 12 UAVs, shall demonstrate the following shapes in the vertical plane:

  • A Minus Sign (Minimum 5 UAVs)
  • A Formation (Minimum 5 UAVs)
  • A Three Spokes (Minimum 7 UAVs)
  • A Division Sign (Minimum 7 UAVs)
  • A Plus Sign (Minimum 9 UAVs)
  • A Multiplication Sign (Minimum 9 UAVs)
  • A Triangle Shape (Minimum 9 UAVs)
  • A Square Shape (Minimum 12 UAVs)
  • A “I” Letter Shape (Minimum 12 UAVs)
  • A “O” Shape (Minimum 12 UAVs)
Evaluation Criteria
  • Static Demonstration of the Shape for at least 30 seconds
  • Shapes requiring the same number of UAVs need to be done in the same flight.

How To Apply Online For Aero India 2020

  • Go to the official website of Aero India@
  • We are also providing you the direct links in below section
  • Click on the Register section.
  • Provide all the required details.
  • Click on Submit button

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