One Nation One Election Details- Legal Provisions, Features, Advantages

One Nation One Election proposal has been proposed by Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) in their Party Manifesto. Now after Winning 17th Lok Sabha Election PM Modi are planning to form a committee to study the Legal Provisions, constitutional amendments, Features, Advantages and disadvantages of One Nation One Election.  The concept of One Nation One Election is that centre government wants to do simultaneous election in Lok Sabha and Vidhan sabha.  Modi 2.0 government claims that simultaneous Election will save a large amount of money, man power, reducing government expenditure, more time for development work, reducing party expenses, better deployment of security forces.

What is One Nation One Election?

It is also known as simultaneous election under which all vidhan sabha election and Lok Sabha election will take place in one time. Voter will vote for MLA and MP candidate in same time at a same election booth. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited heads of all political parties which have at least one MP either in the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha to discuss the one nation one election concept.

One Nation One Election

Advantages of One Nation One Election

Save Government Expenditure– In our country after every 6 month interval vidhan sabha election take place and for conducting this election a large amount of money spends by the election commission. if simultaneous Poll will come in force then it will save Government Expenditure

Save Time– In conducting the election of any state more than 6 months of time wastes. Under this time duration no development works take place.

Extend the tenures of Governments– this proposal will prevent the application of Model Code of Conduct and increase the tenure of government work.

Disadvantages of Simultaneously Election

A lot of administrative arrangements, including increasing the strength of paramilitary forces for poll duties, might be required for holding simultaneous elections. Central government has to do Legal Provisions and constitutional amendments for applying the proposal of One Nation System.

What Needed To Implement One Nation One Election? 

After passing the One Nation One Election proposal from upper and lower of houses of parliament, a number of constitutional amendments and legal provisions will be done by central government. After that there is a possibility of starting simultaneous polls in India.

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