Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020: Apply Online, Benefits & Registration

To help remove the pollution in Delhi city the Chief Minister of Delhi has recently announced the Delhi electric vehicle policy for the year 2020. In this article today, we shall share with all of you the detail regarding the electric vehicle policy for the year 2020.

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In this article, we will share with you all the detailed such as eligibility criteria, important documents, benefits and also a step-by-step procedure through which you can register yourself in the Delhi electric vehicle policy 2020.

Delhi rolls out electric vehicle policy to boost economy, create jobs ...

Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020

The Chief Minister of Delhi that is Mr Arvind Kejriwal recently announced the electric vehicle policy 2020. During the live telecast of the policy, he clearly stated that the main motive of developing this electric vehicle policy is to stop extra pollution that has been doing rounds in the city. He also stated that recently there is around a 25% decrease in the pollution of the city because of the cooperation of the residents. He wants to further instigate these statistics by providing electrical vehicle instead of petrol-driven vehicles which produce pollution.

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Details Of The Scheme

NameDelhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020
Launched  byChief Minister
Launched forResidents of Delhi
BenefitGiving subsidy on electrical vehicles
Official Website

Objective Of Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020

During the life telecast of the electric vehicle policy by Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal, it is clearly said that in Delhi there are only 0.2% of people who drive electrical vehicles.

Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020: Apply Online, Benefits & Registration

The Chief Minister also emphasizes on the fact that the electric vehicles are a lot more costly than the normal petrol diesel vehicle. He is ready to provide subsidized electrical vehicles to all of the residents of Delhi. Also, said that the main aim of his government will be to raise the statistics of electric vehicles to 25% till the year 2024. He also made it clear that all this project is to be done to decrease pollution in the city.

Benefits Of The Scheme

First of all, all of the residents of Delhi will be given proper subscription fees while they will purchase an electrical vehicle. The table given below depicts the multiple subscription fees which will be allowed to the residents of Delhi:-

Vehicle TypeMaximum Subscription
E Rickshaw₹30000/-
2 Wheeler₹30000/-
Auto Rickshaw₹30,000/-
Freight Vehicle₹30,000/-

Features Of The Scheme

The following are the features of the Delhi electrical vehicle policy for the year 2020:-

  • Under the Electronic Vehicle Policy, the registration fee will be waived for the purchase of the electric vehicle and along with this, the road tax will also be exempted.
  • An Under this policy, 200 charging stations will be built all over Delhi within 1 year spaced within a radius of 3 kilometres.
  • Under the Electric Vehicle Policy, youth will be imparted training related to an electric vehicle.
  • An EV fund will be created under the Electric Vehicle Policy which will look into the expenses covered under this policy.
  • Delhi government will also provide a scrapping incentive on buying an electric vehicle by selling the old vehicle.
  • If you have taken a loan on an electric business vehicle, then the Delhi government will also give a loan waiver.
  • Through this policy, many employment opportunities will also be created.

Registration Process Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy

Delhi electric vehicle policy is a very brand new policy which was launched by the Chief Minister of Delhi on 7 August through a live telecast. The application procedure regarding the scheme is not yet out for the common public as soon as more information about this scheme will be out we will inform you everything through this site.

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