Delhi Coronavirus Pass Registration: Lockdown E-Pass For Essential Services

Nationwide lockdown is a very big decision taken by the central government of India to protect the country from spreading the COVID-19 disease. People will not to face any issues by this decision of the government and taking all the things into consideration the government of Delhi has decided to provide lockdown passes. Now you may have many questions in your mind like who can apply for this pass, what is the benefit of this pass and many other related questions, you will get the answers of all your questions from this article. 

About Delhi Lockdown E-Pass Registration

People need grocery items, vegetables, milk and medicines in day to day life. The government did the lockdown to protect the people but on the other hand, the government also has taken into considers providing all the basic need items to the people. No one is allowed to go out of their house in the current situation. Police personals are on duty to maintain the lockdown to be followed by the people of the country. To supply the basic food items and medicine you need permission to open your shops from the government. Delhi Government has announced only those people who have Coronavirus Pass is allowed to go out.

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Lockdown E-Pass Registration Highlights

Article about Coronavirus Pass Registration
Announced by Arvind Kejriwal
Issued by Government of Delhi
Issued for people of delhi
Apply through WhatsApp or at district magistrate (DM) offices
Valid till Lockdown period

Who can apply for Delhi Coronavirus Pass?

  • Kiryana store owners
  • Milk sellers
  • Vegetable vendors
  • Chemist’s (medical shop owners)
  • Private sector employees 
  • Residents stuck outside the city or in border area

How to apply for Delhi Coronavirus Pass

First Method

You will get the e-pass. To apply for the coronavirus e-pass applicants have to contact the helpline number 1031 or at district magistrate (DM) offices and all the details will be provided by the officials.

Second Method

  • The Person who want to get e pass under Delhi coronavirus lockdown firstly they need a visit at the official website
  • Now at the official website of the Delhi government, you will get the Click Here to Apply for ePass” option
  • After that, you have to choose “What do you need help with? ” Option.
Coronavirus Pass
  • Now Enter Contact Number
    • Name Of Applicant
    • Address
  • Now Click on the Submit Button

Why Coronavirus Pass

It is necessary to maintain the lockdown in the state. Police officials will allow only those citizens who have these passes issued by the government.

Helpline Number

For any problem during the 21 days lockdown period related to the harassed or ill-treated by the police, you can contact the control room set up at Divisional Commissioner’s office and DM offices for 24X7. The helpline number is 011-22459536.

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