Witness Protection Scheme- SC Draft Witness Protection Scheme Details

Witness Protection Scheme has  been approved by the Supreme Court on 6th December 2018. The Supreme Court also gave the orders to all states& Union territory of the country expects Jammu & Kashmir for implementing the SC Draft Witness Protection Scheme immediately as soon as possible. The objective of the Witness Protection Scheme is to provide the safety to the witnesses of the cases. The Supreme Court said that “Right of witnesses to testify freely in courts should be included in the right to life. Under the Witness Protection Scheme Government will serve all possible safety guards to the witnesses.

SC Draft Witness Protection Scheme

Before giving the approval to the Centre’s draft witness protection scheme the Supreme Court has took the advice of the Bureau of Police Research and Development & National Legal Services Authority. After that Supreme Court has declared the approval and then supreme ordered to all state to Draft Witness Protection Scheme. This SC Draft Protection Scheme will be applicable only during the investigation process.

Witness Protection Scheme
Witness Protection Scheme

Key features of SC Witness Protection Scheme

  • The safety & security will be provided to the witness.
  • The police department will serve the escort facility to the witness.
  • Government will provide safeguards that witnesses and accused do not come face to face during investigation or trial.

Brief Summary of Witness Protection Scheme

Scheme Name Witness Protection Scheme
Launched bySupreme Court
Lunched date6th December 2018
CategoryCentral government scheme
ObjectiveTo provide safety guard

 Benefits of Draft Witness Protection Scheme

  • Government will provide protection to the witness during the investigation process
  • Protection will be provided under three category A,B & C.
  • Government will cover his or her family members, their property.
  • It will provide the freedom to witness.

About Witness Protection Scheme

The Scheme will be applicable under three threat perception categories i.e Category A, category b & Category C. under these following condition a witness will be eligible for  Protection Scheme. Regional police station and authorized authority will be responsible for providing them all safety & police escort.

  • Category-A will be applicable if the threat extends to life of witness or his family members & affect the regular life of the witness.
  • Category-B If the risk or threat  extends to witness’s  safety, property and family members  up to the investigation process
  • Category-C the threat is moderate and extends to harassment or intimidation of the witness or his family member’s, reputation or property, during the investigation process.
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