Upper Caste Reservation- 10% Quota For General Economic Weaker Section

Upper Caste Reservation has approved by union cabinet chaired by PM Mr. Narendra Modi. Under the amendment now 10 % Quota will be provided to Swarn caste Economic Weaker Section. This constitutional amendment bill will serve 10% quota in direct recruitment and for admission in higher educational institutions after the approval in Lok sabha. General community Swarn caste aspirants may avail benefits of 10% Upper Caste Reservation. This historical amendment will definitely help poor upper caste persons to maintain their status under the society by getting a job or better opportunity of education.

10% Quota For General Economic Weaker Section

On dated 7th January 2019 PM Modi has announced another central government scheme. This time it’s about Upper Caste Reservation. It will provide 10 per cent reservation in government jobs and in education for economically weaker upper castes (Swarn Class).  Upper Caste Reservation will reduce the poverty among these general community sections. The leading party of the country will move present the Upper Caste Reservation constitutional amendment bill in Parliament on 8th January 2019

Brief Summary of 10% Quota Scheme

Scheme name Upper Caste Reservation
Launched by PM Narendra Modi
Launched date 7th January 2019
Status Awaiting for approval in Parliament
Beneficiary Swarn Class
Objective To provide 10% Quota
Category Central govt. Scheme

Silent Features Of Upper Caste Reservation

  • 10% Quota For General Economic Weaker Section.
  • 10% Reservation for Swarn caste.
  • Reservation in government jobs and in education.
  • Constitutional amendment bill will move in Parliament on 8th January 2019.
  • Article 15 and 16 of the Constitution of India will have to be amended for the implementation of this decision.
  • At This time Upper Caste Reservation are in waiting for the approval from Parliament.
  • After the approval from Lok Sabha constitutional amendment bill will come in force.

Eligibility For Upper Caste Reservation

  • Annual income is less than Rs. 8 lakh per annum
  • House in urban areas is less than 100 sq. yards
  • In rural areas Less than 200 sq. yard

About 10 % Extra Reservation For Swarn Caste

Union cabinet are going to present the Upper Caste 10% Reservation constitutional amendment bill in Parliament on 8 January 2019. If this 10% Quota for General Economic Weaker Section will pass under the Lok Sabha then amendment will provide reservation to economically deprived sections of general category. It’s a big decision for Swarn caste peoples because this constitutional amendment bill will affect the career of the Swarn People. For implementing the Upper Caste Reservation Article 15 and 16 of the Constitution have to be amended.

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