UPI Cash Withdrawal Without Debit Card-UPI 2.0 QR Code Cash Withdrawal Scheme

UPI Cash Withdrawal without Debit Card technology will make our banking system faster than today. AGS Transact Technologies introduced the peoples about the UPI 2.0 QR Code Cash withdrawal Scheme. After implementing this scheme the user can easily withdraw the money form in ATMs without entering the security pin. According the AGS Transact Technologies Company who developed this second generation (UPI-2.0) Unified Payments Interface platform will convert Cash Withdrawal services easier than today’s system. AGS Transact Technologies are the company who provide the ATMs services to the whole banking sector of the country.

About UPI 2.0 QR Code Cash withdrawal Scheme

Unified Payments Interface is a digital system of cash transfer from one place to the other place. Today on Dated 5th December 2018 the AGS Transact Technologies who provides the ATMs Service in our country introduced the second generation UPI  2.0 Cash Withdrawal without Debit Card. Under this AGS Transact Company introduced a UPI 2.0 based Cash withdraw mobile application. QR code will be available on the ATM machine’s screen instead of swiping a Debit Card.

Brief Detail of UPI  2.0 Cash Withdraw 

UPI 2.0 QR Code Cash withdrawal

Introduced byAGS Transact Technologies
Date of releasing5th December 2018
ObjectiveTo provide new technology  in banking sector
Date of implementingNotified soon

Benefits of UPI 2.0 Cash withdrawal Scheme

  • This technology will make easier to cash withdrawal.
  • Secure and easy to access.
  • It will provide the next step in the world of technology.

UPI 2.0 Cash Withdrawal Technology

When you will go to ATM for cash withdrawal you have UPI QR Code mobile application. A QR code will be displayed on ATMs screen and now you have to connect your mobile’s UPI 2.0 Cash Withdrawal mobile application with the ATM by scanning the QR Code which will be displaying on ATM Screen. After the successful connection of your mobile application & ATM Machine QR code you have to enter the amount which you to withdraw and after entering amount click at the enter button.

When UPI 2.0 cash Withdrawal technology will start

The UPI 2.0 cash Withdrawal technology has announced by the AGS Transact Technologies but the service is currently awaiting approval from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) after the granting approval from the NPCI the work of implementing UPI Cash Withdrawal without Debit Card technology will begin. But there no time period has announced by the responsible authorities.

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