NRC Documents List 2023: Required Document To Get Register In NRC

In this article, you will get detailed information about the NRC Documents List 2020. Before discussing the required document list for NRC, a question arises here is NRC means what? The National Register of Citizens is known as NRC. NRC helps to identify the official citizen of the country. Recently the supreme court ordered to update the NRC in 2013 for Assam state. Furthermore. To get more details regarding the NRC please stay with us.

NRC Documents List

NRC Documents List

A register of records in which all the details of official citizen’s Name, Address, and other essential details kept adequately at one place is NRC. NRC is maintained by the government of India. First and Last the register was maintained in the year 1951 and after that not updated yet since then.  Assam is the first state where this record’s upgradation is made. the NRC update will benefit a lot, it will eliminate firstly all those citizens who are living illegally in the country with no resident proof.  It also helps ordinary citizens to carry out their judicial rights and duties.

NRC Assam Exclusion Draft List 2019

Upgradation Procedure NRC

  • Publication of legacy data
  • Application form distribution
  • Receipt of application form with required documents
  • Verification process
  • Publication of part draft NRC
  • Complete publication of draft NRC
  • Receipt and disposal of claims and objections
  • Finally, the publication of final NRC

NRC Required Documents List

There are two types of document list of NRC:

  • First List A
  • Second List B

List A Documents

Here is the list A of those documents issued before 24 March (midnight), 1971 which is required for the people to show to get the name register under NRC. On the document, your self-name and name of an ancestor are required.

  • 1951 NRC (if available)
  • Electoral Roll(s) up to 24 March (midnight), 1971
  • Land & Tenancy Records
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Permanent Residential Certificate
  • Refugee Registration Certificate
  • Any Govt. issued License/Certificate
  • Govt. Service/ Employment Certificate
  • Bank/Post Office Accounts
  • Birth Certificate
  • Board/University Educational Certificate
  • Court Records/Processes
  • Circle Officer/GP Secretary Certificate in respect of married women migrating after marriage.
  • Ration Card as supporting documents.

List B Document

Those applicants who do not have the documents mentioned in the List A on their self- name but have an ancestor, namely, father or mother or grandfather or grandmother or great grandfather or great grandmother (and so on) need to submit the documents mentioned in this list.

  • Bank/LIC/Post Office records
  • Birth Certificate
  • Board/University Certificate
  • Circle Officer/GP Secretary Certificate in case of married women
  • Electoral Roll
  • Land document
  • Ration Card
  • Any other legally acceptable document

Consequences of not getting registered

Peoples have to face the following consequences of not getting register under NRC:

  • Deported from the state in which you are currently living
  • Might get imprisonment for no issue of residency

Procedure to Check Your Name in NRC

Follow the following steps to check whether your name is present in the list or not:

  • Visit the official site of NRC
  • Click on “complete draft NRC is now active” and a new web page appears on the screen
  • Enter your ARN (your ARN will appear on the front page of your NRC form)
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code and click on search. If your name is present in the final list of NRC it will display on the screen.

Chief Minister of Assam SarbanandaSonowal announced that those persons whose name is not available in the NRC list to have to foreigners’ tribunals present in Assam state, they will issue the certificates and explain to you, people, why your name is not in the NRC.

NRC In West Bengal

As announced in the recent speech by Amit Shah he cleared that no Hindu will be deported from India on the basis of NRC and this country has always been a home for the Hindus. He with other BJP leaders further stated that the NRC update has only implemented to prevent the termites from in the states. The termite’s term is basically been referring to the terrorist and all the other refuse who has gained access to the Indian border far back in the warm phase.

NRC in Haryana

As per the news, now the upgradation of the NRC will be taken place in Haryana after Assam State, as per the announcement made by the Chief Minister of Haryana State. This citizen list will help him in knowing about the people who are living illegally in the Haryana state and provide the citizen with equal rights.

Note: In the other states of the country updation of the NRC is not yet announced, if it will announce in future we will update you, stay connected with us for more details.

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