Mission Shakti-The Evolution Of New Power In Space (ASAT Missile Test)

Mission Shakti is emergence of new power in the Space. On Wednesday 27th March 2019 ASAT Missile Test has been conducted by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). Involving India in the country of launching an anti-electronics missile in space is a big achievement. In his address to the nation on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that under the Mission Shakti any satellite can be destroyed in just three minutes in the Low orbit of Space. Yet now only America, Russia & China had this capability but now India has also presented its strong claim to this world with this successful experiment.

What Is First Anti-Satellite Missile System?

Under the Anti-Satellite Missile System DRDO has shot down Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite in just three minutes and India (2019) has become the fourth country, after US (1964), China (2007) and Russia (2015). Under the Mission Shakti India has proved their capability to safeguard its 102 space assets. In making of Anti-satellite weapon system Indian Space Centre (DRDO) has spent Rs 11,538 crore. It is a big achievement for India and Every Indian proud on their scientists.

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Objective Of DRDO Mission Shakti

The Objective Of Anti-Satellite Missile System or Mission Shakti is to ensuring advance security in the space. This technology will definitely make our country more advance because The scheme will make capable the country to secure our satellite (In present there are 102 satellites). In the present technology of Anti-Satellite Missile System we can easily destroyed the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite.

Modi Mission Shakti A-SAT Mission

On Wednesday 27th March 2019 Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi has addressed the nation and introduced about the Mission Shakti A-SAT Mission. This system will ensure more security of the country. This successful missile test has been done by DRDO from APJ Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha and the interceptor was a three-stage missile with two solid rocket boosters. 

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Which Type of Satellite India Have?

In present India have 102 Satellites such as communication satellites, earth observation satellites, experimental satellites, navigation satellites, apart from satellites meant for scientific research and exploration, academic studies and other small satellites.

Silent Features Of The scheme Anti- Satellite (ASAT) 

  • Cost– Indian government has spent total Rs 11,538 crore on this system.
  • Time Duration– around 186 miles (300 kilometers)
  • Duration of Satellite Destruction– Around 3 minutes
  • Capacity Of A-SAT System– System may destroy Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite
Mission Shakti-The Evolution Of New Power In Space (ASAT Missile Test)

Brief Summary Of ASAT Mission Shakti

Technically this is very difficult to aim moving object rather than stable object but now with the Mission Shakti A-SAT System it will become easier to target those unauthorized satellite which don’t have a permission to enter our country’s orbit. Now with cost of Rs 11,538 crore India, Space centre i.e. Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed Anti-satellite weapon (Mission Shakti) system and become the fourth nation in this queue.

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