[PDF] CPIM Manifesto 2019 in English & Hindi | 17th Lok Sabha Election Manifesto

CPIM Manifesto 2019 for 17th Lok Sabha election has been released by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Delhi on dated 28th March 2019. Check or Download CPIM Manifesto 2019 PDF in English and Hindi language. In their Manifesto the CPI (M) directly attacked on five years rule of the BJP government. CPIM also mentioned in CPIM Manifesto 2019 that BJP Government is dangerous for Constitution because they are using communal polarisation. Under the 17th Lok Sabha Election Manifesto CPIM Political party’s main focus is Up on Unemployment, Agriculture, Indian Economy (GDP), National Security, and Foreign Policy etc.

CPIM 17th Lok Sabha Election Manifesto Details

The agenda of Communist Party of India (Marxist) is clear they want to win  more and more seats in upcoming 17th general Lok Sabha Election and for completing this target Communist Party has released CPIM Manifesto 2019 in English & Hindi both languages. In their Election Manifesto they clear their views. CPIM discussed about the failure of BJP Government is various fields. Communist Party also discussed about the various failures reasons and presented enough data to proof it correct. Here we are going to provide you key detail of CPIM Manifesto 2019 here so stay with us and read the complete article carefully.

[PDF] CPIM Manifesto 2019 in English & Hindi | 17th Lok Sabha Election Manifesto
CPIM Menifesto Details

About Communist Party of India (CPIM)

The Communist Party of India was formed in the year of 1964 and at the time of formation CPIM the membership of the Party was 118,683 and which has grown to 10, 00,520 till 2018, its means that CPIM Growing well. You know in the last few elections, contesting on an average 15 percent of the total seats. For the Lok Sabha Election CPI (M) will contest election in the following assembly constituencies of Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Maharashtra.

Election Manifesto of CPIM

CPM is targeting the Bharatiya Janata Party directly. According to Communist Party of India (CPIM), the previous central government has accelerated communal polarization. According to the party, BJP has promoted other communal issues but not focusing on development and employment. Now it is to see that what impact CPIM Manifesto 2019 will fall on the Voters.

Communist Party of India Election Agenda

According the CPIM Manifesto 2019 the unemployment ration in Past five years increases a lot and the sharp fall in employment opportunities during the BJP Ruling in the centre. CPIM Party has presented the NSSO Report to Proof it correct and According to CPIM Manifesto 2019 unemployment rate rose to the highest levels in 45 years at 6.1 per cent. In second issue which Communist Party of India discussed is that in ruling time of BJP Government the Attacks on SCs and STs and violence against women has grown. CPIM also claims that GDP of India also decrease during past five years. There are lots of issues and their related report has been described by the CPIM. You may each details of in the PDF of CPIM Manifesto 2019. Download the 17th Lok Sabha Election Manifesto from blow section.

CPIM Manifesto Highlights (CPIM Manifesto 2019 )

Now Communist Party of India (Marxist) promises that if there party will come in power then they will focus on the following issues-

  • CPI (M) has proposed a Rs 6,000 per month old age pension for all citizens.
  • In their Manifesto they also proposed minimum wage should be fixed not less than ₹18,000 per month.
  • If party will come in power then they will provide 7 kg grains at 2 Rupee for each person or 35 kg grains for each family.
  • Because we cannot cover the each detail of CPIM 17th Lok Sabha Election Manifesto in over article so we are providing CPIM election manifesto PDF File in English & Hindi language so that you may easily get the each detail.
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