(New) Assam Ration Card List : District, Block Wise Assam PDS Beneficiary

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The new Assam Ration card list is out and today in this article we will discuss with you all about the Assam Ration card list. We have given and provided thorough knowledge about the new ration card prepared for the state of Assam and also we have provided the district and block-wise Assam PDS beneficiary list for the years 2022. Now We have covered each and every aspect of the Assam new ration card for the year 2022. We have also provided a list in PDF format. 

Assam Ration Card List

A ration card is the most vital documents issued by the Assam government to its citizens. Ration card can help the citizens to gain the food items in a subsidized price. The subsidized price is a price which is less than the original price of a food item. There are many types of ration cards which are issued to the citizens. The ration card is mainly issued in lieu of the income of the household. For example, if your income is below the poverty line then you will be issued a pink ration card which will help you to gain the food items in a subsidized price. You can gain benefit from your ration card at a certain point of time.

Benefits Of Ration Card

Certain benefits of the new ration card are listed below:-

  • The ration card is the most vital document used in the Indian country.
  • The ration card is mainly used to get food items on subsidized prices.
  • Subsidize price is a price which is lower than the actual price of a particular thing.
  • The ration card can be used by poor people or people who are below the poverty line.
  • There are three types of ration card which are made mandatory by the Indian Government and under this card one of the cards is very important for people who are below the poverty line.
  • It helps the people to gain food items on very low prices thus, lowering the financial burden on them.

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Eligibility To Apply For Ration Card

The following people are eligible to apply for the Assam ration card:-

  • First of all, the person who has no Ration Card can apply for new ration card.
  • The eldest woman of a family who is a bonafide citizen of this country can apply for the ration card.
  • To apply for the ration card the annual family income from all sources must be less than Rs. 1,00,0000.
  • The applicant must produce a certificate from the village Head/Gaon panchayat president/ward Commissioner/Inspector, FCS&CA /Concerned Authority in writing that the person having no Ration Card.

Documents Required To Apply For The Ration Card

The documents which are listed below are required to apply for the Assam ration card :-

  • Birth Certificate is important to confirm your age if the applicant is below the age of 10 years.
  • A copy of the Voter List must be produced to confirm the identity of the applicant.
  • Tax pay receipt of Land Revenue
  • Pan CARD/Driving License must be produced as an address proof.
  • Along with all the documents, the proper information about the occupation of family members must be produced while applying for the ration card.
  • Income Certificate is important to confirm your income.

Apply for Assam Ration Card

To apply for the Assam Ration Card, the applicant has to go to the nearest ration shop. Take the application form from the ration shop and fill in all the details in the application form. Attach all the mandatory documents with the application form and submit it. Your ration card will be delivered to you within 15 days.

How To Check Assam Ration Card List

To check your name under the new Ration card list for the Assam state you need to follow these simple steps:-

Assam Ration Card List
  • Click on your respective District name.
  • Another web page will be displayed with the Tehsil wise list.
  • Click on your respective Tehsil name.
  • Another webpage will be displayed with the village wise list.
  • Click on your respective village.
  • Finally, your name will be displayed in the list if included.

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