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The country is going through a lockdown and a very difficult phase. Today under TCS ION Digital Certification Program article, we will share with you all the TATA Consultancy Services digital certification programs which have been launched by the concerned authorities to distract the people of the country and to make them do something productive. In this article today, we will share with you all of the details such as the step by step procedure through which we can apply for the Tata Consultancy Services Digital certification programs and thus you can avail the benefits of the program very easily.

TCS ION Digital Certification Program

TCS ION Digital Certification Program

The Tata Consultancy Services have come up with different types of digital certification programs to develop the premises of the country and to help all of the people to come out of the depression of the lockdown and outbreak of the coronavirus. Through the implementation of this digital certification program, we will be getting many more facilities such as the availability of a new side talent and a new skill to learn. The help will be of great advantage to all of the residents of the country.

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Details Of TCS ION Digital Certification Program

NameDigital assessment and certification program
Launched byTata consultancy service
ObjectiveProviding digital courses
Official Website

Benefits Of TCS ION Certification Program Course

There are many benefits of the digital courses which are available from the Tata Consultancy Services. Through the availability of these courses, many of the extra skills will be given to the students who are undertaking this course. The students will be able to gain efficiency in their language mainly English. The students will be able to gain verbal and nonverbal communication skills and the students will also be able to write efficiently. This digital course will help the students to develop extra skill in the current time.

Eligibility Candidates

The following candidates are eligible to apply for the digital courses:-

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduates
  • Postgraduate
  • Fresher
  • Professionals

Syllabus Of The Course

You will be undertaking the digital course with the following syllabus as mentioned by the concerned authorities:-

Day 1Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
Day 2Deliver Presentation with Impact
Day 3Soft skill for the workplace
Day 4Career Guidance
Day 5How to write a resume and cover letter?
Day 6Group Discussion
Day 7Ace corporate Interview
Day 8Corporate Etiquette
Day 9Effective Email
Day 10Telephonic Etiquette
Day 11Principles and concepts of accounting specially focused on financial statements
Day 12Functional IT skill by listening to the tech expert of TCS
Day 13The history and definition of AI and different approaches to AI.
Day 14Intelligent agents and rational agents, the concept of bounded rationality and various agents architectures
Day 15Assessment Test

Registration Process Of TCS ION Digital Certification Program

To register yourself for the Tata Consultancy Services digital certification program you have to follow the simple procedure given below:-

  • Visit the official website of Tata Consultancy Services
  • On the home page create your account by clicking on the register button
  • Fill up the basic details.
  • On the homepage, click on apply for Digital certification program
  • A new registration page will be displayed on your screen
  • Register yourself by filling up the details
  • Click on submit

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